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Mustafa & Farah
He was in New York and she was in Toronto. We looked at their requirements and matched them.
I found that service excellent, for starters I was treated well and Mrs. Khan gave me the hope that although I did not have my parents in North America, I am in good hands. I was looking for a Muslim girl who is not too religious or not too modern and preferably from Pakistan. When Mrs. Khan mentioned that she had someone, I felt a ray of hope and anxiety to contact the family. Ever since that day, I have not looked back. We are now happily married. Alhamdulilah.

I was born in Canada and my parents are from Hyderabad. When my parents mentioned marriage, I thought, "What me?! It is too early, I am only entering first year of university." Well, we went to go meet Mrs. Khan and although I was a little hesitant about the marriage bureau thing, I thought, "What have I got to lose.." I was very impressed with the warm welcome and the contacts I was shown. Although, these did not work out for some reason or the other, when we received a call from Omar, we thought, "New York, well, that is definitely not in Canada and we barely know anyone in New York." The next thing I know, we liked each other and Alhamdulilah, we are married.
Advice to all readers from Mustafa and Farah: We did try the internet, but found it too impersonal and more over, we wanted our privacy and someone to pre-screen the candidates before they directly approach us. The marriage bureau is a great service and the costs are very reasonable compared to the time and effort employed by the bureau.
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He was in New York and she was in Toronto. We looked at their requirements ...

She was in Ottawa and he was in Toronto. We looked at their specific intere...

About Islamic Marriage Bureau

The WWIMB was founded by Mrs. Fazal Khan, who has lived in Canada for over thirty eight years, and is reputed in the South Asian-Muslim community as "amongst the most trustworthy matchmakers in North America". Mrs. Fazal Khan hails from a notable Urdu speaking Muslim family from Hyderabad, Deccan. Her father, Syed Yusufuddin founded Hyderabad, Deccan`s first Urdu newspaper the Rahnuma e-Deccan. Syed Yusufuddin and his family are mentioned in the book Nobles of Hyderabad; which contains the names and brief histories of the leading forty noble families of Hyderabad, Deccan.