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Ali & Ayesha
She was in Ottawa and he was in Toronto. We looked at their specific interests and matched them. Lets hear what they have to say
I was a recent business graduate working at Hewlett Packard, and someone asked me whether I had an intention of getting married soon. I replied, "Inshallah, when Allah wills." The next thing I knew, my mother send my picture and details to Mrs. Khan and I did not even know about it. Soon after this event, I got a call asking me whether I would be interested in a girl who wears a hijab and is from a Punjabi family. I said, "Okay, just let me talk to my mother." The same weekend, my mom had already arranged a meeting, and there was "Allah`s will", we got married and traveled. Thanks to the marriage bureau, which was the means for me to get my Iman completed.


I graduated from University and throughout my time in University, I could not find my "Dream Guy". I mean, he had to be Punjabi, religious, educated and good looking. I was starting to feel that it was impossible to find someone like that. My mother then mentioned to me if I would be interested in a marriage bureau, in Toronto, who helped my cousin get married. I said, "Mom, I doubt they have my `dream guy`." Well, while visiting Toronto, we went to visit Mrs. Khan and she showed us a lot of guys but they were just not my type. After that, when we returned, we got a call from Ali`s parents and now I`m convinced that you can get your dreams to come true!!!
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He was in New York and she was in Toronto. We looked at their requirements ...

She was in Ottawa and he was in Toronto. We looked at their specific intere...

About Islamic Marriage Bureau

The WWIMB was founded by Mrs. Fazal Khan, who has lived in Canada for over thirty eight years, and is reputed in the South Asian-Muslim community as "amongst the most trustworthy matchmakers in North America". Mrs. Fazal Khan hails from a notable Urdu speaking Muslim family from Hyderabad, Deccan. Her father, Syed Yusufuddin founded Hyderabad, Deccan`s first Urdu newspaper the Rahnuma e-Deccan. Syed Yusufuddin and his family are mentioned in the book Nobles of Hyderabad; which contains the names and brief histories of the leading forty noble families of Hyderabad, Deccan.